NewsDesk endorsement – Commissioner District IV

NewsDesk is making endorsements in each of the three Commission races.  This is the second of those endorsements – Joe Mortensen vs Sherry Parsons.  Please feel free to submit your own opinion in a Letter to the Editor.  Please include your name and a verifiable address/phone number.  Submit to

NewsDesk endorses the re-election of incumbent Joe Mortensen.

While both candidates could have been considerably more thorough and detailed in their response to the NewsDesk questionnaire, I found Ms. Parson’s comments in regards to the county’s financial status a bit ignorant of reality and the facts.  One issue in particular: In response to her assertions, the building of the new Justice Complex took no money away from any other County agency.  The money could only be borrowed and must be spent under specific guidelines per NRS and may not be used to support other departments.

(A side note: The money the commission has requested to be borrowed from the Utilities is not a taking.  In reality, the Utilities will make money.  And, it will be paid back when the cash flow from PILT and other revenue comes forward in the next few months.)

I have had my share of disagreements with Commissioner Mortensen’s decisions; however, I have also seen him become more conscientious and thoughtful over the past few years.  He does understand the budget and has shown he can make the tough decisions necessary to maintaining the County’s financial viability.


One comment on “NewsDesk endorsement – Commissioner District IV
  1. Cheri Scott says:

    I heard that he is retiring in December. Do you know if that’s correct? I don’t know why anyone would run if they were going to retire the next month.

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