The Lyon County Commission did not violate the state Open Meeting law in regards to their vote to deny merit pay increases to non-association employees.


Lyon County officials on September 18, 2012 filed a motion with the Third Judicial District Court of Nevada to dismiss the complaint filed against them by the District Attorney, Assistant District Attorney, Sheriff and other plaintiffs; or, alternatively, to remove the District Attorney and Assistant District Attorney as Plaintiffs and the Assistant DA as Attorney. (more…)

As charges continue to fly, the 2.5-percent merit pay issue continues to divide county officials.


Lyon County Commissioners last week officially denied a claim filed against the County asking for a 2.5 percent merit pay increase for certain non-Association employees in fiscal year 2013. (more…)

mark_krugerAssistant District Attorney Mark Krueger apparently will be leaving his Lyon County position effective September 21, 2012.   According to an August 22 email from District Attorney Robert Auer directed to County Manager Jeff Page and other County employees, Kureger has been hired as an Assistant District Attorney for Carson City.

NewsDesk has submitted an email to the Carson City District Attorney for confirmation of that hire.  The following is the content of the Auer email: (more…)


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