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Letter to Editor – Mining issues still being debated

EDITOR’S NOTE: I will continue to publish such “letters to the editor” as postings if I feel they bring light to and conversation to issues related to the upcoming Primary Elections.  Many voters still do not understand that with recent

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Response from Commissioner Bob Hastings to Obermayr letter

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I t appears the ‘reader response’ function is not working properly.  So, this response is being posted as a submittal. Response from Commissioner Bob Hastings: Mr. Obermayr may want to state facts.  The mining ordinance, as written by

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County Commissioner race District 1 – Reader letter to Editor

May 24, 2016 I see Commissioner Hastings has adopted a slogan about not letting developers decide how Lyon County grows. I wish he felt the same way about letting a failing junior mining company—Comstock Mining, Inc.—decide what goes into our

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