Assembly District 40 includes Carson City, Washoe County south of Highway 341 (Geiger Grade), east of Highway 395 and a portion of south Reno east of Western Skies Drive, Rio Wrangler Parkway and Mira Loma Road



There are four filed Republican candidates in this race.  All four responded to this interview request – Sam England, Chris Forbush, Al Kramer and Incumbent PK Oneill.  The winner of the Primary will face an Independent American Party candidate in the General Election.

1. Give a brief summation of your political and professional background.

I have always fancied myself an issues guy. My involvement has mainly centered around Pro-life issues, 2nd amendment concerns, and the restoration of state’s rights. I think that all of these were well covered by our Bill of Rights, but that decades of attacks on our constitution has degraded our most basic intrinsic rights. While I’ve always enjoyed supporting individual issues, I now see that the leadership experience I gained from 13 years in the military can help heal a fractured party. We have become accustomed to individually dying on so many hills that we have forgotten how to collectively charge up them. For this reason I am now seeking elected office in order to support and defend the constitution as it was intended by our founding fathers.

2. Define your district – general geographic boundaries, demographic make-up and political balance.

Assembly District 40 is a vast geographical area that includes most of Carson City, up through Washoe Valley, into the Virginia City foothills, and ends in South Reno. As a native of Washoe Valley, I’m happy to live right in the middle of our diverse district.

3. Why are you running for this position? What makes you more qualified than your Republican opponent to serve in this position?

I possess a deep anger for elected officials that say one thing to get elected, and then change their views once the political pressure becomes overwhelming. This district voted against the commerce tax, voted for a candidate that claimed to be against taxes, then was betrayed because the establishment decided that the will of the people was irrelevant. This sort of misrepresentation became the catalyst for my campaign. When the government betrays its people, it is up to the patriots amongst us to stand together and let our will be known. I am choosing to run for assembly because I believe that citizen politicians are the answer to our current problems of misrepresentation.

We tried professional politicians in office, and it didn’t work. We need someone from this district to speak for the people. We’ve seen what happens when our elected officials lack the will to fight against the establishment. I will stand my ground, as I have many times, and will never negotiate away our fundamental rights. Also, I am a Physician Assistant and have intimate knowledge of our medical system. As the only medical provider, I bring necessary expertise concerning our breaking medical system. There are many state level fixes that can decrease cost and improve access to your provider. Obamacare is a mess, but there are things we can do at our level to decrease the damage caused by this overreaching program.

4. There is a well noted and ongoing split among many in the Nevada Republican Party. Define your philosophy in regards to this ‘moderate conservative’ versus ‘tea party’ divisiveness.

We are the hands and feet of the Republican Party, and each of us has something to offer. If we continue to fight amongst ourselves, we will fail as a party. I    cherish the right to respectfully disagree with one another, but hate that we refuse to work together. I plan to remain strong in my conservative ideals while ensuring that I represent all constituents. This is a Republic, and we need to start acting like patriots, not enemies.

5. What are the three most important issues relating to your district and/or the state? How will you legislatively address them?

First, we need to repeal the Commerce Tax. It is anti-business, and will force small businesses to close or move out of our state. Next, we need to pass the Campus Carry Bill because the 2nd amendment clearly states “shall not be infringed”. Thirdly, we need to start to initiate state level medical legislation in order to protect our citizens from the crushing burden of Obamacare. This year’s small increases in medical costs are a very small sign of what is to come. These next two years are CRUCIAL.

6. What is your position in regards to the current initiatives? (Question 1 addresses firearms and would require that an unlicensed person who wishes to sell or transfer a firearm to another person conduct the transfer through a licensed gun dealer who runs a background check. Question 2 addresses marijuana. If approved by voters, the measure would legalize the drug for adults and put the tax revenue from the sale of the drug toward education funding.)

QUESTION 1: Any attempt to regulate or track the transfer of firearms between law-abiding citizens is a violation of the 2nd amendment. Such laws place us on a very slippery slope and degrade our most fundamental rights. Many people have died defending our constitution, and I cannot allow the liberal agenda to undo the sacrifice of our patriots.

QUESTION 2: Legalizing marijuana is not something I  would consider a fundamental issue and would gladly defer to the will of the voters.

7. What is your position in regards to increasing the minimum wage in Nevada?

Government interjection into the free market by imposing a minimum wage will increase costs and damage our economy. I do not support an increase in the minimum wage.

8. Define your position on fracking and other means of oil exploration in Nevada. Do you support coal fired energy plants?

I believe in renewable energy for many reasons. However, that does not mean that we should disregard the benefits of fossil fuels. A diverse energy market allows the free market to dictate prices and encourages innovation.

9. If there is any issue that you are concerned about that has not been addressed in this interview, this is your opportunity to address it:

Our Veterans have sacrificed deeply and need our support. Most Veteran programs are propped up by federal dollars and are run by large bureaucracies. We should take pride in helping our Veterans with job training and opportunities at the state level. I remember returning from military service with heavy amounts of training and pride, but virtually no marketable skills. I was blessed greatly with help along the way that allowed me to thrive in our current economy, but not all Veterans have been so lucky. We Nevadans are proud of our military members and should not rely on the Federal government to take care of our Vets.

EDITOR: This is one in a series of online interviews with Republican candidates.  All Republican candidates with Primary races were contacted – US Senate, US Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, Carson City Mayor and Lyon County Commissioner. The responses are posted as the candidates presented them to me – no editing.  These interviews will be posted in no particular order and, obviously, all races are not of interest in everyone’s particular district; however, NewsDesk readership ( is spread throughout the state so all responses will be posted.  You are welcome to repost any of the interviews as long as proper credit is given to NewsDesk.

Primary election day is Tuesday, June 14, 2016.  If the candidates in a particular Primary all belong to the same party, the winner will be determined in the Primary and go to the General Election ballot unopposed.

Dates to remember:

  • May 14 – Last day to register to vote by mail
  • May 24 – Last day to register to vote in the Primary
  • May 28-June 19 – Early voting
  • June 14 – Primary Election



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