Setting the record straight, again…

…I have a feeling NewsDesk will be seeing more of such submittals by similarly ignorant, clueless and hateful individuals.  This will be welcome – because it offers me the wonderful opportunity to publicly respond with facts to the false and baseless accusations…

Below is a compilation of comments posted recently on NewsDesk by a Bob Wright.  I have not met, nor ever heard of this individual; however, he apparently feels he knows all about me. I can only judge him by the content of his submittal – and in reading his rather bitter and hateful comments, I have surmised this much – his use of the English language and his spelling ability are wanting, and he comes across as rather ignorant of some basic facts. Apparently, he also feels he ‘discovered’ something new and must inform Dayton/Lyon County residents – that Nancy Dallas does not live in Lyon County.  He sounds amazingly like Bob Hastings and those who soak up and dutifully recite Hastings hateful, baseless charges and rantings as if by rote.

Mr. Wright is obviously a follower of Mr. Hastings and having watched Mr. Hastings’ (and his wife’s) behavior over the past few years, I have a feeling NewsDesk will be seeing more of such submittals by similarly ignorant, clueless and hateful individuals.  This will be welcome – because it offers me the wonderful opportunity to publicly respond with facts to the false and baseless accusations Mr. Hastings’ (and others) continue to pass around the County.

Here are a few facts – and questions of Mr. Wright:

* Contact information for NewsDesk –  775-847-0129;  2125 Conestoga Road, VC Highlands, NV 89521

* The funding of Mr. Hastings’ campaign by Comstock Mining interests is well documented – $17,500 up front.  Then there are the unknown amounts spent on a character assassinating ‘push poll’ and other character ripping phone calls and campaign tactics.

* Mr. Wright – you accused me of being ‘bought’.  Please, show me the evidence you have based that accusation on.  I would love for NewsDesk to have access to $17,500 (or any amount, for that matter) for promotional purposes – same goes as to funding to do an awareness phone campaign.  If there is such an individual/company out there – please feel free to contact me.

* Please define what you consider to be the Dallas “slum lord” properties.  I think our tenants might be a bit disappointed to be called slum dwellers.  Have you spoken with them?  Perhaps you consider the center of Dayton to be a “slum.”

* After close to 35 years of living in Lyon County (Yerington and Dayton), we moved to the VC Highlands in January 2006 – and not exactly under the cover of darkness!  And this fact has never been kept ‘secret’.

* Are you, “Bob Wright”, a registered voter or taxpayer in Lyon County?  Unless you are registered under a different name, you do not appear to be either….but, perhaps you use a different name for such things and I simply do not know who to look for.

* Which candidates ‘ran against open pit mining?”  Chuck Roberts did not. Ray Fierro did not.  Ken Gray did not.  Neither of the two Fernley candidates did.  Did Bob Hastings?

* Chuck Roberts did not vote for the Granite quarry operation.…in fact, I have done quite a bit of research in regards to this ‘new quarry’:

  • The original SUP (Special Use Permit) was held by Hughes Rock and Sand Company and was approved March 1978.
  • The company sold and the subsequent SUP was held by Dayton Materials (Mike Hughes), approved June 2003.
  • Granite purchased the property on January 31, 2008 (by deed) and applied for the SUP in their own name.
  • To the County’s knowledge, the only pit that Granite is operating is the one off of Ricci Road and Old Como Road, Dayton.  The BOC (Board of Commissioners) unanimously approved this SUP on October 2, 2008. (Roberts became a Lyon County Commissioner in January 2009.)
  • The SUP’s for this plant have been reviewed for compliance each year since 1978 and there are letters in each of the files reflecting that.
  • A copy of the Planning Commission’s Granite approval letter showing all of the conditions of approval, which are the same as the ones recommended by the BOC, may be accessed through this link.

  • When Dayton Materials was applying for their SUP (2003), the minutes indicate that concerns were expressed regarding excess noise and lighting issues were addressed.  Planning Commissioner Chuck Roberts asked a question regarding the proposed tonnage per day and how many truck trips were anticipated.
  • The only comment of record made by Chuck Roberts (as a Planning Commissioner) when the Granite SUP was heard (2008) by the Planning Commission, was a question asking if this is a transfer of ownership for an existing plant or a new SUP request. Planning Commissioner Chuck Davies recused himself from the hearing as he was an employee of Granite at that time and he turned the meeting over to Chuck Roberts, who acted as Chairman for this item only. DRAC also unanimously recommended approval of the Granite SUP.

* Planning Commission votes are ‘votes of recommendation’ to the BOC and are not binding.

* SUP’s appear before the BOC for annual review.  Unless there is documented evidence submitted to the BOC showing the owners of a SUP have violated the conditions of the SUP there are no legal grounds for taking action to revoke a SUP from any business.  To those familiar with the ASG debacle several years ago – a very costly experience for the County – you will somewhat understand this lengthy and complicated process.

* All County Commissioner Roberts has approved in regards to the Granite operations is the annual review of their permit.  The same can be said for every commissioner sitting on the board at any time during the annual reviews of the Granite permit.

* And I, Nancy Dallas, Editor/Publisher of NewsDesk, hold Mr. Roberts in the highest esteem.  He served Lyon County honorably, and with unquestionable integrity for many years, both as a Planning Commissioner and his four years as a County Commissioner.  His services will be missed – in ways individuals like “Bob Wright”, Bob Hastings and those of their ilk will ever care to comprehend.

* In closing, if Mr. Wright has some information as to a “Granite new quarry”, the County requests he pass that information on to them.  They would like to know about it.

Think about it.

Nancy Dallas, Editor/Publisher

NewsDesk (Est. January 2003)

Mr. Bob Wright’s comments as posted on NewsDesk:

“For someone that is soooooo worried about Lyon County, THAT LIVES IN STORY COUNTY, and just loves the ground Chuck Roberts walked on, you are remakably not saying anything about Granite new quarry in Dayton. Since your fallen hero Chuck Roberts voted to approve their use permit I guess your integrity goes no father than “if it is not in my back yard”.

Where have you objected to a quarry (or is that not a pit mine) to be operated near people’s homes, within less than 2,000 feet from an elementry school with dozens of heavy duty haulers passing right by the kids that are less than 10 years old. I guess some people that read what you write will believe anything, and never verify any facts.

Bravo Ms. Dallas who were you bought by? Or do the executives of Granite live on Conestoga Road in the Virginia Hightlands too?

And since you have no email address on this website or letters to the editor I will just comment here. Maybe you can get Chuck Roberts to help you with your email. By the way didn’t he lose by over 2/3s? But none of the other incumbents that were running and agianst open pit mining lost. So really who bought who? LMAO

WOW, all these people that just think your so right that you are speaking out to protect Lyon County. It is sooo funny that your only connection to Lyon County is being a property slum load in Dayton, but live in the Virginia Highlands.

3 comments on “Setting the record straight, again…
  1. Cheri Scott says:

    Since Mr. Hastings arrived on the scene, politics has taken a turn for the worse. We have sewer sludge running freely down Hwy. 50.

  2. R. Harina says:

    Mr Wright needs to change his name. He sounds just like one of the good ol’ boys who rant and rave without any knowledge of the workings whatsoever. Let’s shake hands and pretend we never met while making deals in bars and coffee shops on how things should be run. I too, hold Chuck Roberts in high regard because he cared not just about himself and his drinking buddies, but the county as a whole. He didn’t get re-elected because of the golden rule – he who gets the gold . . . , but I digress. Mr. Roberts’ problem was that he was a true leader who made hard decisions and made things happen for the good of ALL of Lyon County. That’s not how you win elections these days. You win elections with the most money, the dumbest friends, and no integrity. Great article Nancy.

  3. Sandy Marshall says:


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