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Nancy Dallas

Nancy Dallas


In an effort to offer Republican voters the opportunity to learn where their potential representatives stand on issues of concern, I offered each Republican candidate with a Primary opponent the opportunity to participate in an online interview.  Depending upon the race, each candidate was asked to answer between 11 – 20 questions.  All responses were posted unedited as submitted and can be accessed on:



  • Lt. Governor – Sue Lowden; Mark Hutchison (Both participated)
  • Controller – Cort Arlint; Barry Herr; Ron Knecht (All participated)
  • Congressional District 1 – Jose Padilla participated; Annette Tiejiero did not participate
  • Congressional District 4 – Cresent Hardy; Niger Innis (Both participated)
  • Senate Districts – 8, 9, 16, 20
  • Assembly Districts – 2, 4, 5, 19, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 35, 38, 39, 40

Of the 11 invited Senate candidates with public contact information, four candidates responded. 

Of the 35 invited Assembly candidates with public contact information, 19 candidates responded.

Other entities, subsequent to these public postings, have or will be reposting those interviews of interest to their particular districts or membership, Twitter followers, Facebook friends, etc. – including the NvFRW, various individual Republican women’s clubs and Republican Central Committee, etc.

I sincerely thank and commend those candidates who took the time out of their very busy campaign schedules to participate.  I read each and every response and congratulate them for their efforts and thoughtful responses.

While I personally have my favorite candidates and opinions, I have not and will not comment to any particular candidate, political point of view or response.    The full intent of my doing these interviews was to offer each Primary candidate the opportunity to educate Republican voters to their positions – in their own, unedited words.  Each candidate was given a number of reminders and ample time to respond – including extended deadlines.

In the following Assembly Districts each of the Primary candidates participated:

  • 4 – Michele Fiore; Melissa Laughter
  • 31 – Jill Dickman; Ron Schmidt
  • 38 – Norm Frey; Robin Titus
  • 39 – Robin Reedy; Jim Wheeler
  • 40 – Jed Block; PK O’Neill 

The following are the remaining candidates who participated in the interviews:


  • Vick Gill (Dist. 9)
  • David Schoen (Dist. 9)
  • Gary Schmidt (Dist. 16)
  • Carl Bunce (Dist. 20)


  • John Hambrick (Dist. 2)
  • Frank Tavares (Dist.19)
  • Andrew Coates (Dist. 21)
  • Richard Bunce (Dist. 22)
  • Rick Fineberg (Dist. 25)
  • Lisa Krasner (Dist. 26)
  • Rex Crouch (Dist. 27)
  • Amy Groves (Dist. 29)
  • Brent Jones (Dist. 35)

In the following Districts no Primary candidate responded to the invitation:

  • Senate District 8 – Patricia Farley; Clayton Kelly Hurst; Lisa Meyers

    I find this a particularly disturbing example of non-commitment!  This is an open Republican seat (Barbara Cegavske is term limited out) and not one candidate was willing to put their positions/opinions on record.  

  • Assembly District 5 – Troy Archer; Barry Keller; Maxie Miller Hooks; Erv Nelson
  • Assembly District 30 – Adam Khan; Lauren Scott

While we can guess/assume why particular individuals chose to not participate, the majority of the non-responders did not offer a reason or even acknowledge the invitation.  Only two non-responders personally contacted me and noted their reasons for not participating – (a) Did not like to put anything in writing in regards to interviews; (b) Did not want anything to do with posting on one of the noted sites.

The list of non-responders includes both incumbents and challengers.  Some have been endorsed by the State GOP, others have not.  While some of the non-responders will probably easily win election or re-election, I simply find it very disappointing that any individual who wants to represent the people of Nevada is not willing to let the people of Nevada know where they stand on the issues of concern…perhaps for fear of criticism or disagreement with those views. 

And, even taking into consideration some of the non-responders are people I know and like, I can’t help but think that, perhaps, candidates who fear criticism or creating a record of their views should themselves be feared.



  • Annette Teireio


  • Patricia Farley – Dist. 8
  • Clayton Kelly Hurst – Dist. 8
  • Lisa Meyers – Dist. 8
  • Becky Harris – Dist. 9
  • Ron Quilang – Dist. 9
  • Ben Kieckhefer – Dist. 16
  • Michael Roberson – Dist. 20


  • Mark Slotta – Dist. 2 (No filed contact info)
  • Troy Archer – Dist. 5
  • Barry Keller – Dist. 5
  • Maxie Miller-Hooks – Dist. 5
  • Erv Nelson – Dist. 5
  • Stuart Tener – Dist. 5 (No filed Contact info)
  • Laura Bledsoe – Dist. 19
  • Chris Edwards – Dist. 19
  • Derek Armstrong – Dist. 21
  • Lynn Stewart – Dist. 22
  • Pat Hickey – Dist. 25
  • Robb Archie – Dist. 26
  • Randy Kirner – Dist. 26
  • Rodney Bloom – Dist. 27 (Filed email address not accessible)
  • Stephen Silberkraus – Dist. 29
  • Adam Khan – Dist. 30
  • Lauren Scott – Dist. 30
  • Michael Bajorek – Dist. 35

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