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Where oh where has the Voter ID issue gone?

Stronger voter identification policies, one of the basic and most prominent elements of the Republican Party agenda for years, appears to have been assigned the status of “legislative bargaining chip” and is being held hostage – in the drawer of the Assembly Ways & Means Committee.  It has been sitting there since April 3.


The rumored message being sent to our Republican legislators (from those running the legislative mill) is if Republicans seriously want to see some form of stronger voter ID, (AB266) – and probably a few other pieces of legislation dear to Republican hearts, they better see to it there are enough Republican votes, in addition to the Democrat votes, to pass the Governor’s Gross Receipts Tax bill, SB252.

SB252 was passed out of the Senate with only four “nay” votes; however, it appears that, for the moment, the Governor’s tax proposal does not have the Assembly Taxation committee or floor votes to move it forward – yet!

The Governor, his budget team, and many Republican and Democrat legislators obviously do not care a whit about the results of the initiative petition process and have turned a deaf ear to the will of the overwhelming majority of voters.  They apparently have no qualms with reneging on campaign promises, either.

Hesitant legislators are being heavily pressured to follow the Governor’s wishes.  And, obviously, with the holding of AB266, the Assembly Ways & Means Committee  leadership supports the Governor’s conscience challenging, business killing revenue generating plan.

It is sometimes difficult to remember that Republicans have the majority in both houses of this 2015 legislature – and hold every Constitutional office, which, of course, includes the Governorship.

How does a Nevada voter rationalize these elected officials betraying the wishes of 429,324 voters, who loudly screamed “NO GROSS RECEIPTS TAX”, traveling this devious political path to potentially kill a voter ID bill? However, with this session’s trending political practice of legislators sneering at the public’s wishes and reneging on their own campaign promises, it appears no political treachery or betrayal is out of the realm of reality.

AB266, or any form of stricter voter ID reform, will never see the Assembly floor without some significant pressure from someone other than the lobbyists and the Governor’s team. Our Republican legislators need to hear from you again and again in regards to your support of stronger Voter ID laws AND opposition to the Gross Receipts Tax.

Nancy Dallas, Editor/Publisher

NewsDesk (Est. January 2003)

  1. ryansdad says:

    Where is Jim Gibbons when you need him?

    I may be wrong, but I would bet a lot of money that, were the clock turned back now – after seeing this governor’s idiotic support of the “Education Status Quo.,” [meaning simply, “Let’s Throw Some More Money At The Problem And Hope That Fixes It – Even Though We’ve Done That Ad-Infinitium” And It Hasn’t Worked”], Sandoval would have lost the primary to Jim Gibbons.

    Jim sure had his faults, but when it came to his position on issues, he was a Republican, and held true to party principles. This guy is not a Republican. Not even a RINO. He’s worse than that.

    My advice to our Assemblymen (& Assemblywomen)? Stick to your guns. Don’t pass the Governor’s Gross Receipts Tax. Maybe the Oathkeepers will station volunteers at the polls and refuse to admit anyone without a picture ID. Hell, we may not even have an election in 2016! We may be in a civil war by then.

  2. michael says:

    I’m Sorry Nancy. But thats the only thing going on that bothers you. There are lots of issues out there that no one touches. Right hear close to home. Lets look at what our rep’s local and state, past and current are doing..some good…some?????
    The only place we need to Id voters is in las vegas……stuffing the ballot box is less common in northern nevada. Why do you think H is allready working that area…I dont know anything about the dem’s but in central lyon to be a rep. you might as well be invisible to the party unless you are donating to it. I enjoy reading your posts but can you beat more than one horse…..

    • Nancy Dallas says:

      Sorry, but I have chosen to focus on two specific issues this session. I follow many other issues to a lesser degree and am just as disappointed in many of our elected officials on several of those other issues as well; however, to properly report on a bill or issue takes considerable time and effort and I do not have the time or desire to exert myself to that degree. While I do stumble now and then, I do not like making mistakes or false assumptions, so being thorough is important to me in regards to anything I comment on. Voter fraud is an important and relevant issue – and, in my mind, the Governor’s pushing of a Gross Receipts tax in the face of the 80-percent of Nevada voters who said they did not want one is the worst slap in the face of integrity by any Governor in Nevada history!

  3. Cashion Callaway says:

    Well, I think the Gross Receipts Tax bill is a stunningly bad idea. And I think a voter ID bill stronger than what we’ve already got is not, NOT anything but legislative fear-mongering. Not to put too fine a point on it. Thanks for all you do, Nancy. cc

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