Assistant DA Krueger leaving Lyon County

mark_krugerAssistant District Attorney Mark Krueger apparently will be leaving his Lyon County position effective September 21, 2012.   According to an August 22 email from District Attorney Robert Auer directed to County Manager Jeff Page and other County employees, Kureger has been hired as an Assistant District Attorney for Carson City.

NewsDesk has submitted an email to the Carson City District Attorney for confirmation of that hire.  The following is the content of the Auer email:

“It is with the deepest possible saddness that I hereby announce the resignation of Assistant District Attorney Mark Krueger effective September 21, 2012.  Mark has accepted a new position as the Assistant District Attorney for Carson DA Neil Rombardo.  Let’s see Mark, you will earn thousands more dollars, drive four minutes to work, receive a car allowance and telephone allowance, forego hours of driving each day on the dangerous roads of Lyon County, and you will be nearer your children whend they need you!  This sounds like a smart move! Congratulations!!! 

Please wish Mark well in the days ahead regarding this new opportunity and please thank him, as I will, for his dedicated, tireless, skilled and professional service the past six years to the citizens of Lyon County.  THANK YOU MARK! I will miss you my friend!  Best Wishes. Bob”

Krueger is one of 10 Plaintiffs in a complaint filed in July against the Lyon County Commission, County Manager and Comptroller.  The complaint contests a recent decision by the County to freeze a 2.5-percent merit pay hike for certain non-union employees.  (See related stories on NewsDesk).  The complaint was filed through Krueger’s private Carson City practice.