Commissioner Agenda – Thursday, July 17, 2014



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THURSDAY July 17, 2014


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9:00 A.M.  — OPEN MEETING —

9:00 A.M. – Time Specific – For Possible Action:  Recognition of Lyon County Employees with 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of service by the Board of County Commissioners

9:30 A.M. –  Public Hearing – Bill 14-02 – For Possible Action: An ordinance adopting the second amended and restated agreement regarding implementation of the Herrmann Ranch Development Agreement to extend the date by which the next final map must be recorded pursuant to any tentative map in the Dayton Valley Planned Community project; and other matters properly related thereto.



For Possible Action: Approval of changes on Assessor’s tax roll due to corrections in assessments and review of tax roll changes
For Possible Action: Review and possible approval of business license applications:
a.     Perry, Jeffrey; Perry, Todd; Briggs Electric Inc.; 5138 Metric Way, Carson City, NV; Change Corporate Officers

b.     Miles, William D.; Builders Wholesale, Inc.; 61 Industrial Pkwy., B-1, Carson City,  NV; Change Name

c.     Williams, Justin R.; Williams, Kari J.; Butts Out Vapor Store; 65 Silver St., Dayton, NV; Change Location

d.     Shaw, Todd C.; Campbell Construction Co., Inc.; 7788 White Fir St., Reno, NV; Change Officers and Location

e.     Salzwimmer, Daniel E.; Nevada Candy Company Inc.; Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory; 56 State Route 341, Mound House, NV; Change Ownership

f.      Coyne, James D.; Coyne, Ellyn; Coyne Roofing Inc.; 1176 Angela Ct., #103, Minden, NV; Change Ownership and Location

g.     Van der Werf, Andrew R.; Crafty Raven Massage; 6 Wegotta Way, Mound House, NV; Change Location

h.     Pierson, Paul R.; ECO Services, Inc.; 33 Cowee Ct., Mound House, NV; Change Officers

i.      Bloom, Michael K.; Burt, Steven E.; Levine, Howard R.; MacDonald, Beth R.; Snyder, James C., Jr.; Family Dollar, Inc.; Family Dollar, Inc. #10378; 565 Hwy., 50 East, Dayton, NV; Retail Discount Store

j.      George, James A.; George & Sons, Inc.; George & Sons Garage Doors; 1000 Bible Way Suite., 71, Reno, NV; Sales, Service, Repair and Install Garage Doors

k.     Key, Sherri; Key, Jerry; Lindell’s Painting Service; 140 Inventors Pl., Sparks, NV; Change Officers

l.      Jeter, Tim R.; Jeter, Kathy S.; Premier Restoration & Remodel, Inc.; 11545 Sitka St., Reno, NV; Change Location

m.    Moerdick, Kevin; Moerdick, Sue; Sierra Maintenance, Inc.; 2850-H Wrondel Way, Reno, NV; Sealing, Striping and Paving of Asphaltic Surfaces

n.     Bales, Nona K.; Hustace, Jaime L.; Sierra Nevada Large Animal Hospital; 24 Sharon Dr., Wellington, NV; Change Ownership

o.     Watson, Bret E.; Zegers, Ryan T.; Sierra Technology & Consulting, LLC; 5482 Longley Ln., Suite A, Reno, NV; Change Ownership

p.     Soares, Joe; Steam Away Carpet Cleaning; 6195 Boyer Ln., Stagecoach, NV; Change Location

q.     Parker, April; The Blindman; 134 S. Nevada St., Yerington, NV; Blind Sales, Installation and Repair

r.      Warren, Frank C.; The Warren Company; 1661 Mackland Ave., Minden, NV; General Construction

s.     Van Dover, Mark; Maxie, Robert C.; Cabanillas, Kathryn; Tyco Integrated Security LLC; 1105 S. Rock Blvd., Suite 128, Reno, NV; Change Name

t.      Walker, Donald; Walker Cellular Inc.; 395 S. Hwy., 65, Suite 204A, Lincoln, CA; Upgrade & Repair Cell Tower Operations

For Possible Action:  Accept Community Development Block Grant, in the amount of $77,000 for the Silver Springs Water Resource Plan (requested by CDBG representative)
For Possible Action:  Accept Community Development Block Grant, in the amount of $45,000 for the Carson Highlands Wastewater Treatment Plan (requested by CDBG representative)
For Possible Action:  Accept Community Development Block Grant, in the amount of $40,000 for the Rural Nevada Continuum of Care (requested by CDBG representative)
For Possible Action:  Appoint a member to the Lyon County Planning Commission, with a term expiring December 31, 2014 (replaces Paul Lanning)
For Possible Action:  Accept resignation of Earl Chambers from the Mason Valley Advisory Board (requested by Earl Chambers)
For Possible Action: Approve annual budgets for Fernley, Mason Valley, Smith Valley, Churchill Valley and Dayton Valley Groundwater Basins (requested by Clerk & Treasurer)
For Possible Action:  Approve agreement for Public Defender Services with Anne Laughlin, August 7, 2014 through June 30, 2016 (requested by County Manager)
For Possible Action: Acceptance of FY15 Low Income Housing Trust Funds award in the amount of $41,600 to provide housing services (requested by Human Services Director)
For Possible Action:  Approve $19,300 from contingency funding for the additional salary and benefits to fill the Human Resources Director position, as the previous Director retired from the County.
For Possible Action: Review and accept travel claims
For Possible Action: Review and accept County claims and financial report

(Action will be taken on all items unless otherwise noted)

24.  For Possible Action:  Related to Water RightsApplication 83768 through 83771 filed by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation on April 23, 2014 which propose to change the manner and place of use of all or a portion of waters of the Walker River adjudicated in the Walker River Decree. The Board may make a recommendation to the State Engineer at the conclusion of the meeting (requested by applicant)

25.   For Possible Action:  Request from the City of Fernley to transfer 1.19 acre feet of Truckee Claim 3 surface water rights and approve Water Rights Grant, Bargain and Sale Deed (requested by City of Fernley)

34.  Public Participation (no action will be taken on any item until it is properly agendized)

41.  Commissioner Comments

42.  For Possible Action: Approve Minutes of July 3, 2014

43.  Public participation it is anticipated that public participation will be held at this time, though it may be returned to at any time during the agenda.  Citizens wishing to speak during public participation are asked to state their name for the record and will be limited to 3 minutes

44.  Closed Labor Session as allowed under NRS 288.220

45. For Possible Action:  Closed Session, pursuant to NRS 241.015(3)(b)(2), to receive information from the District Attorney regarding potential or existing litigation involving a matter over which the board has supervision, control, jurisdiction or advisory power, and to deliberate toward a decision on the matter.


46.  Adjourn





Agenda and Backup Material is

Available at