Election – Commissioner District IV – Sherry Parsons


Total Contributions Reported – $724.00



Why should the voters select you to serve as Lyon County Commissioner over your opponent? 

The number one reason is I really care about the citizens of this county.  Four years ago when jail site was being debated for the county, I said we should not build the jail at this time.  The numbers were crashing down at the state and that is our largest source of revenue.   I said let’s keep our $30,000,000.00 to take us thru the down turn.  My opponent bulldozed thru the money, spending it all this last four years.  The jail was built on the kids’ soccer field, built next to a school and near the library.  The county is broke, with over 100 layoffs, and over $100,000.00 taken from Heath and Human Services (Children with special needs, the Elderly, the Handicapped, etc.).  You might think this is as bad as it can get, I’d like to give you a little history of my opponents borrowing when there is no money for his projects.  In Fernley he began borrowing,(Total Commitments) FY02-03 $16,643,765.00, FY04-05 $33,221,243.00, FY05-06 $42,908,960.00, FY06-07 $94,374,042.00, FY07-08 $115,024,352.00.   This out of control spending left Fernley with continual raises in water rates and Taxes (new taxes just this last July, City Hall is still trying to figure out ways pay for my opponents spending).  The Tax and Water Rate raises and general unstable situation at the city and county has caused many businesses to leave, many people in Fernley and Silver Springs and Stage Coach are now without jobs.  I will work for the citizens; I will work for conservative budgeting and work to bring in good businesses.

Some issues I consider important are:

  • Protecting the water, we must make all the right decisions now
  • Securing our rights to the Land – In general I am not for wilderness areas, they close off the land to our residents, seniors who have used the areas their whole lives, the areas are not accessible to small children, the handicapped and ranchers.
  • Keeping the money and power grabbing nuisance ordinance out of our communities.  Many moved here for a bit more freedom, I do agree we need some ordinances.  I want them brought before the council one at a time.
  • Accessibility to elected officials with email, phone and regular local meetings.
  • Openness, we need taped meeting posted on the internet no more than two days after event.  The written minutes have only highlights. Important details many of us want to know are left out.  If the cities can do it so can the county?