Hypocrisy and patriotism on the sporting fields

Hypocrisy and patriotism on the sporting fields


       If it weren’t for the hypocrisy of it all, I might think each of these spoiled, rich protesting professional ballplayers, coaches, owners and announcers are really following their conscience when they support kneeling during the National Anthem – or hiding in their locker rooms “to avoid controversy”.

       Ask each of the 200 or so kneelers and hiders what they are protesting and you will get answers varying from – I do not like the President; I am against racism; it’s about unity; I support equality; it is my First Amendment right to protest; the President called us SOB’s; the President is a racist so screw the USA; and on and on.   But:

       Hypocrisy:  If it is about racial issues, police brutality, unity and equality, why are they protesting now – in the first nine months of this new administration.  Why did they not protest the issues of racism, police brutality and inequality during eight years of the previous administration, in reaction to the very public riots and looting, accusations of police brutality and racism?  Why not during the 2016 football season, when a quarterback and a few others started this unpatriotic fad and spoke against the U.S. as a country?

       Hypocrisy:  Why do they not protest when players are harassed for praying on the field after a touchdown, wearing anything on their uniforms that represents a greater cause – defeat breast cancer, memorializing the deaths of police officers?  Why do they not protest those who still play as professional athletes as spousal abusers, dog abusers, have DUI’s, criminal records of all sorts – including the abuse of legal and illegal drugs.

       It is time our professional athletes return to setting the proper standard younger athletes should emulate.  Will that NY Giants star player suffer the same repercussions for epitomizing an SOB after a touchdown as Tim Tebow suffered for praying after a touchdown?

       They feel it’s OK to disrespect our sacred flag and anthem from their sport’s high profile venue to protest a President’s use of free speech and our nation’s imperfections, even on foreign soil.

       While our anthem and flag were disrespected, the national anthem of that foreign country (England) was respected by these professional athletes, I guess because the Queen did not call them SOB’s.  I assume these players are aware England condoned slavery before it was fashionable in the United States, they have their own racial issues and imperfections, and, I think they even bought our cotton.  Our National Anthem was born of the War of 1812, as we fought against England.

       Our flag carries the scars and deaths resulting from breaking away from the long ago suffocating colonialism of this particular foreign country.  Our flag carries the scars and deaths of our fight against slavery.  Our flag carries the scars and deaths of our defeat of German Nazism and Japanese imperialistic colonialism.  Our flag today is draping the coffins from current conflicts, as it has draped the coffins of those who died in Korea, Vietnam and other far- away places.

       But how dare a President call these protesters of the flag and National Anthem SOB’s. (Actually, he said something to the tune of – if they want to protest our flag and national anthem during personal work time, their bosses should fire the SOB’s.  He did not call all NFL players SOB’s.) While I don’t necessarily agree with the language, I do agree with the intent of his comments.

       If these very rich, pampered athletes want to actually do something constructive to correct the imperfections they see in this country, stop desecrating our most cherished symbols of unity and sacrifice – break out of your overly protective little bubbles and spend some effort and money to help address them.  If you are not willing to actively step forward with constructive action, I will continue to believe these offensive actions are simply for self-serving and hypocritical purposes.  Freedom of speech is not your issue!!  The protest supportive owners allowing (and joining) their employees to use “work time” to protest our country’s most sacred symbols are gutless to take no punitive action and are the primary cause of this issue becoming what it is today.  I truly believe these owners are afraid of what would happen if they did take punitive action.

       These protesters of our flag and our National Anthem are not patriots.  They are selfish individuals using their access to the notoriety and publicity associated with their profession.  They show their ignorance of what the flag and National Anthem symbolize.  No one is saying a professional athlete, team or team owner can’t protest on his/her own time.  Doing it on their worktime, in their workplace and in their privileged  spotlight is morally wrong.   Just because you can does not mean you should.

       Actually, in my opinion, advertising a ballgame and selling tickets to such an event without noting owner supported anti-patriotic activity will occur, unpunished, is false advertising and hypocrisy at its finest!!

       To paraphrase a recent public posting – The American flag is our most valued piece of cloth, that is why it is chosen to cover the coffin of each and every deceased U.S. soldier brought home from a battlefield.  The Star Spangled Banner and U.S. Flag are one – United!

Think about it!

Nancy Dallas, Publisher, Editor

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