Interview – Greg Hunewill, Republican Candidate Lyon County Commissioner District 5



                              Greg Hunewill

                           (vs an IAP candidate)


Please post a short personal resume:


  • Born Yerington, NV – November 1957
  • Attended Smith Valley Schools – Graduated 1975
  • Became a full-time employee of Hunewill Construction – 1975
  • Became co-owner & Manager of Hunewill’s Mason Valley Country Club – 1984
  • Became Manager of my family’s 750 acre alfalfa ranch – 1992
  • 2002 – Became co-owner of Hunewill Construction being the Vice President – doing business in Lyon County for 56 years


  • Past Smith Valley 4-H Community Club Co-Leader
  • Past Mason Valley Chamber of Commerce Board Member
  • 1982-86 – Smith Valley Fire District Director
  • 1989-92 – South Lyon County Hospital District Board of Trustees
  • 1995-99 – South Lyon Health Center, Inc. – Board Member
  • 2003-05 – Smith Valley Advisory Board
  • 1993-94; 2005-06; 2009-10 – Lyon County Republican Central Committee Chairman
  • Past Yerington Rotary Club Member
  • 2007 – Joined Smith Valley Rotary Club; President – 2008=09
  • 2010-13 – Rotary District 5190, Area 10 Assistant Governor

1. You defeated the incumbent in the Primary. Define your strengths and why you would better serve Lyon County in this position than your opponent.

Not only am I a Lyon County native, but I’m also proud to be a 3rd generation Nevadan. Having been born and raised in Mason and Smith Valley, I have over 56 years of local knowledge and experience that will definitely assist me in my deliberations as your Lyon County Commissioner. My Independent American Party opponent is new to the area.

My dad always encouraged me to be a part of the family construction company which I have been doing since I was 16 years old, running equipment, driving trucks and doing just plain labor. When I was 23 I purchased my own truck and leased it to the company. Since 2002, my brother, sister and I have been the owners of Hunewill Construction Company which has offices in Winnemucca and Wellington, employing 70 to 80 people. I serve as the corporation vice president. The family business has been doing business in Lyon County for 56 years.

But that isn’t the only experience I have running a business in Lyon County. In 1984, for 16 years, I was the co-owner and manager of the Mason Valley Country Club with its restaurant, bar and golf course. This was not only a great business experience but also a wonderful opportunity to meet many local people who are still good friends.

In 1992 it became necessary to also take over the management of the family’s 750 acre alfalfa ranch in Mason Valley.  Of course, this almost 40 years of Lyon County business experience has to be a plus.

In order to get up to speed with the many current county issues I have been attending just about every commissioner meeting since I filed for the commissioner position in March. I have also attended local advisory council meetings throughout the county, meeting as many local residents as possible and listening to their individual county concerns. Of course I will continue to travel around the county meeting residents before the general election in November. It is my hope that I will be a commissioner who will represent each and every citizen of Lyon County.

2. Give your assessment of Lyon County’s current economic climate.

No matter what the federal government says, in Lyon County the economic climate right now needs a whole lot of help. The un-employment rate is still in double digits and foreclosures are still happening. As I have said before, it is going to take a shared effort to bring in new business and clean industry, thus creating new jobs, and at the same time keeping in mind the needs of existing businesses. First of all, it is very important that Lyon County create a business friendly atmosphere, especially when considering the increasing of unnecessary taxes, permits and fees. As a conservative Republican I will not be in favor of any of these.I support our partnership with Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA) which is proving to be very beneficial.

3. As a new Lyon County Commissioner what do you believe will be your greatest challenges in the next four years and how would you intend to address them?

Presently one of the biggest issues the commission is addressing is the new proposed Title 15, which covers the county’s Land Use and Development Code. This is a proposal that all county residents and property owners need to familiarize themselves to see how the changes will affect their property rights. This kind of code changes need to be studied and understood before they are adopted. As a new Lyon County Commissioner I am sure new code proposals will constantly be agenda items for us to address. As always the economy and county finances are a number one issue. As a conservative Republican I will not propose any new taxes and will constantly strive to make sure the existing tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently.

4. It is a long campaign season. Many accusations and assertions are made by candidates. Are there any specific charges or assertions made by your opponent, or others, that you feel are inaccurate or unfair that you would like to answer to?

I believe being a life time resident of Lyon County gives me an advantage over my Independent American Party opponent who is relatively new to the area. When I say I’m community minded or community active, I have multiple community projects that I can point to that my family, and I, in particular, have helped complete through the years. I have multiple thank you letters and plaques from former 4-H members who I have helped with their projects by purchasing their animals. I have always been concerned about the health and welfare of our local citizens. Records will show that in my middle 20’s I was elected and served on the Smith Valley Fire District Board (1982-86). Then in my early 30’s, when I was living in Yerington, I was elected and served as a trustee on the South Lyon County Hospital District Board (1989-92). My resume includes many other organizations and boards that I have served on throughout the years.After over 40 years of being very active in the community and county, I believe I have built a reputation that will stand up to any of my opponent’s accusations or assertions.

5. Please use this space to elaborate on any specific issue(s) of concern:

Anyone with questions for me can contact me at 775-465-1365 or by email at

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