Jason Guinasso – Assembly District 26


Incline/Crystal Bay, Mt. Rose corridor, west Washoe County, south Reno


 The only two candidates for Assembly District 26 are both Republicans – Jason Guinasso and Lisa Krasner. Both responded to this interview request.  The winner of the Primary Election will advance to the General Election unopposed.



1. Give a brief summation of your political and professional background.

Please see: http://jasonguinasso.com/2016/03/19/what-are-your-qualifications-to-be-a-legislator/

2. Define your district – general geographic boundaries, demographic make-up and political balance.

See Map included herein: District 26 covers Incline Village/Crystal Bay, the Mt. Rose Corridor, West Washoe, Mt. Rose Hwy to West Huffaker Ln.; South Reno from Demonte to Hidden Valley.

2016 - Guinasso district

3. Why are you running for this position? What makes you more qualified than your Republican opponent(s) to serve in this position?

Please see the following link for who I am and why I am running: http://jasonguinasso.com/2016/03/19/who-are-you-and-why-are-you-running-for-the-nevada-legislature/

I believe my qualifications speak for themselves with respect to my background, education and experience.

I think there are three main differences between my opponent and I:

  • First, I have substantive experience with respect to law and policy impacting our economy. With respect to taxes, I own a business and I pay taxes.  Also, as an attorney licensed in Nevada and California, I represent businesses of every size and in every industry in Northern Nevada.  I have first had experience working with the major participants in our economy.   This substantive experience clearly distinguishes me from my opponent who does not have any substantive business experience.  Click here to see why the Chamber has endorsed me: http://jasonguinasso.com/2016/04/13/chamber-nv-reno-sparks-northern-nevada-endorses-jason-guinasso-assembly-district-26/
  • Additionally, I have a substantive record of leadership in the community. I have made substantive contributions to every non-profit, church, ministry or organization I have served.  Here is a link to several video testimonials underscoring this point: http://jasonguinasso.com/2016/03/21/video-testimonials-in-support-of-my-candidacy/ People all across our community know and trust that they can work with me to solve problems and get things done. My record of leadership and service to our community over the past twenty-five years clearly distinguishes me from my opponent.
  • Finally, I am authentic and truthful. I do not tell people what they want to hear in order to get their support.  I will not compromise my reputation and integrity just to get elected to public office.  However, my opponent has made it a habit of tailoring her message to the specific group she is speaking with even when that message is contradictory to what she has told other groups.  I don’t think she realizes that these groups speak to one another and, as a result, many question her authenticity and integrity.   There is never a question about what I believe and how I will lead.  For this additional reason, I am clearly a stronger candidate for the Nevada Assembly than my opponent.

4. There is a well noted and ongoing split among many in the Nevada Republican Party. Define your philosophy in regards to this ‘moderate conservative’ versus ‘tea party’ divisiveness.

I am a Conservative Republican. Please see link to learn what this means to me: http://jasonguinasso.com/2016/03/19/my-answer-to-the-question-what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-conservative/

That said, I would like to be an agent for uniting our party. I am very troubled by the divisions that, appear to me, are driven by overweening pride and inflated egos. We need to promote humility as a key virtue to how we interact with one another.  Unless we learn to work together, our Republican Party will never realize its potential to provide long term conservative leadership in our State.

5. What are the three most important issues relating to your district and/or the state? How will you legislatively address them?

  • Workforce Development: Our State must make sure that we have a competent and qualified workforce to fill jobs for the new economy that is emerging in Nevada, as well as for the existing employers in our economy. I want to build upon successes from last session and from the special session and champion improvements to vocational training and technical training through our universities, community colleges and high schools to meet the needs of our growing economy.
  • Infrastructure: 
  1. Education – It is imperative that new schools be built and existing schools receive capital improvements to meet the crippling demands that growth is placing on our education infrastructure. In this regard, our State, particularly in Washoe County, is facing a crisis that threatens to short circuit the growth and opportunity coming to our region. I am very concerned that the ballot measure to fund building and maintenance of schools will fail because of the public’s anger toward the Washoe County Trustees. If the measure fails, I have a plan to address education infrastructure. Specifically, I will advocate for the creation of Education Improvement Districts. (General Improvement Districts for Education Infrastructure). If you are interested in learning more about Education Improvement Districts, please call me and we can discuss my ideas.
  2. Highways and byways – the dramatic growth in our economy is going to place a huge strain on our state highway and byway systems. As a legislator, I would like to examine the current funding formula and look for ways to stabilize capital funding for roads so that we can meet both current and future demand in a way that is sustainable.
  3. Housing – The growth in our area is going to result in an increase demand for housing in every income category. As a legislator, I want to make sure that the State and local governments do not burden developers, builders and realtors as they work to address this demand. I will fight against proposals that unduly increase the costs of housing.
  • Failure of leaders to lead: I am concerned that, at this critical time of Nevada’s history, Nevadans could elect leaders who will not have the integrity, competence and courage to lead. Leadership, in my opinion, means honestly assessing all the available data to make good policy decisions, working with other elected officials and the public to reach solutions to difficult problems, and making decisions for the benefit of the people in our State even when those decisions could be unpopular. There are elected officials and candidates that appear to be more focused on political theory, than reality; vitriolic speeches, rather than reaching collaborative solutions; and taking action to boost their ego and ambitions, rather than actions that boost growth and opportunity for the people of our great State.  The decisions legislators will make over the next two to three sessions are critical to the success of our State.  We will either be the shining example of how to diversify and grow and economy or we will be the example of how to fail by not having the competence and courage to make important decisions.  As a legislator, I will work hard to lead, collaborate and exercise good judgement in making decisions for the people of our State.

6. What is your position in regards to the current initiatives? (Question 1 addresses firearms and would require that an unlicensed person who wishes to sell or transfer a firearm to another person conduct the transfer through a licensed gun dealer who runs a background check. Question 2 addresses marijuana. If approved by voters, the measure would legalize the drug for adults and put the tax revenue from the sale of the drug toward education funding.)

Question 1: I do not support this ballot measure that would punish law abiding citizens who lawfully sell or transfer their guns. Moreover, this measure will not do anything to address violent crimes and the criminals perpetrating these crimes. 

Question 2: I am the Washoe County Chair for the Campaign against the legalizations of recreational marijuana. After my Assembly race is finished on June 14, 2016, I will be directing my attention to building coalitions to defeat Question 2.

7. What is your position in regards to increasing the minimum wage in Nevada?

I do not support increasing minimum wage.

8. Define your position on fracking and other means of oil exploration in Nevada. Do you support coal fired energy plants?

I support safe and sustainable efforts to develop energy. I am open to fracking and other means of oil exploration, but I reserve my judgement regarding law and policy until there are proposals that are submitted to me that I can carefully consider.

9. If there is any issue that you are concerned about that has not been addressed in this interview, this is your opportunity to address it:

Thank you for the opportunity to share who I am and why I am running with your readers.

EDITOR: This is one in a series of online interviews with Republican candidates. All Republican candidates with Primary races were contacted – US Senate, US Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, Carson City Mayor and Lyon County Commissioner. The responses are posted as the candidates presented them to me – no editing.  These interviews will be posted in no particular order and, obviously, all races are not of interest in everyone’s particular district; however, NewsDesk readership (www.ndbynd.com) is spread throughout the state so all responses will be posted. You are welcome to repost any of the interviews as long as proper credit is given to NewsDesk.

Primary election day is Tuesday, June 14, 2016. If the candidates in a particular Primary all belong to the same party, the winner will be determined in the Primary and go to the General Election ballot unopposed.

Dates to remember:

  • May 14 – Last day to register to vote by mail
  • May 24 – Last day to register to vote in the Primary
  • May 28-June 19 – Early voting
  • June 14 – Primary Election