Keller taxes & business fee status investigated

County logoAs a result of comments made by readers of NewsDesk in regards to property taxes and business license fees relating to Commissioner Vida Keller, I made inquiries to the related Lyon County offices and the Secretary of State website to check on the validity of the claims.  The following information is based on facts as recorded on Lyon County tax rolls, Lyon County business tax fee records and the SOS website:

PRICELESS REALTY & KELLER RE-BUILDERS – Both Lyon County business licenses are currently revoked for failure to pay business license fees to Lyon County.

According to Lyon County Code 5.01.11c, business licenses are automatically revoked if not renewed in a timely manner.  This is not the first time these have been revoked for failure to pay their business license fees.

According to the Secretary of State filings, Priceless Realty’s license as a Corporation is currently revoked because the “List of Officers” was due September 30, 2011. Apparently this business is exempt from filing fees.  Within the conditions given for exemption, I am making an assumption it is because this business makes less than the 66-2/3% of Nevada’s Annual Wage.  Their license was apparently previously revoked and reinstated March 23, 2011.  Officers listed in original filing (2004) are Vida Keller and James Scott Keller.

In regards to Keller Re-Builders, I simply could not find a listing within the Secretary of State’s Entity search.  That may very well be due to my ignorance.

LYON COUNTY PROPERTY TAXES – James Scott Keller & Vida Keller properties:

According to Lyon County tax rolls (public record):

Parcel # 018-542-15 – Owe $2,733.61

Parcel # 017-024-01 – Owe $1,238.16

Parcel # 018-542-16 – Owe $4,367.11

According to Churchill County tax rolls (public record):

Parcel # 006-142-06 – Owe $248.75 (Land listed as Priceless Realty)

If provided with substantiated information, I will immediately post any changes in the status of any of the properties and businesses in question.