Lyon County Sheriff Report – Week of September 10, 2017

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of September 10th

Community Friends,

Society believes if it can understand offender reasoning behind crimes, it can then legislate future crime out of existence. Unfortunately, this is flawed reasoning. Rather, our aiming point must be community centered and not offender focused. Toni Davis’ murderer was convicted of 1st degree murder by a jury this week and he will be soon placed in a prison where he can no longer harm another innocent person. The murderer’s name will not be mentioned in an effort to remember Toni.

Toni Davis

         Toni Davis

Toni went missing in April 2016 from her Dayton home and was found deceased in a remote Storey County canyon three weeks later after an intensive search. Toni was stolen from her husband, family, friends, and the Dayton community. They are the real victims of this crime by losing a special person. I do not believe we can ever make the community whole in this instance, but we can make it stronger through awareness and education.

Trials for the murders of Johnnie Shadden and Ruben Navarro will be held in the upcoming months. There is a common theme that runs through each of these wrongful deaths; domestic violence. Toni, Johnnie, and Ruben’s deaths were caused by a family member. Someone known to each of them. Someone that should have been trusted. Each of them were a victim of domestic violence.

A second Attorney General’s Rural Grant Initiative meeting was held this week to identify strategies aimed at reducing domestic violence. The District Attorney’s Office, City of Fernley’s Prosecuting Office, two grant funded attorney’s from the DA and AG’s Offices, and stakeholders from various domestic battery programs were present as we try to identify strengths and weaknesses throughout all of Lyon County. As an example, we learned of a Wadsworth shelter near Fernley, open to everyone, that we did not know about.

Domestic violence is a real concern throughout the United States, which includes Lyon County. Behavioral shifts must occur and must target youth to break the cycle of violence. This is part of our rationale in placing three school resource officers (SRO) into Lyon County School District schools this year. One deputy has been assigned to each of the area schools: Dayton, Fernley, and Silver Springs/Smith Valley. Initial reports on these SROs are all positive.

And finally, we want to give a special thanks to the Fernley Intermediate School children and the Northern Nevada Veteran’s Coalition for their yearly 9-11 remembrance ceremonies and thanking all emergency responders. Many ask why we continue with this ceremony after 16 years. As long as we have US troops in Afghanistan, it should continue. But I believe there is a greater reason why we should pause to reflect on this special day. Extremists brought violence to our shores based on political differences. However, on 9-11, we should reach out and love each other regardless of those political differences as a sign of defiance towards extremism.

As always, keep the faith.