Lyon County Sheriff’s Message – Week of June 5, 2016

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Sheriff’s Message, Week June 5th

Community Friends,

One of the greatest community fears is a school active assailant. In a chaotic environment, people will look for leadership to restore order while stories of heroism emerge from within the scene. The LCSO has worked with our schools on this type of event, but it never truly focused on targeted site specific response plans to deal with the first 9 minutes after the call goes out.

This week we did just that, as plans were developed for each of our 17 county area schools over two full days. Emphasis was placed on resource staging to ensure our road infrastructures are not blocked by vehicles. This includes media, parents, lookie loos, and excess emergency resources that are not sure where to go. We want ambulances and other critical emergency first responders to move quickly in and out of the scene, especially if they have injured children. All of our schools have road infrastructure challenges and we cannot have vehicles and people causing greater hazardous.

Each school has designated parent staging areas for an active assailant event and it will be announced prior to the start of the next school year. This location will not be within sight or sound of the school; however, we promise this. A law enforcement and school district representative will be there to give updated information. Additionally, when it is time to reunify with your child, you will be guided and escorted from that starting point.

The expert’s statement at the beginning of this planning session was interesting. This individual has been hired by the insurance carrier to provide school safety instruction and site security recommendations as he lectures nationally. He claimed our vision of site specific response plans was truly forward thinking and one of only a few national school districts that has undertaken such a task. In the opinion of Superintendent Wayne Workman and mine, our children are too important to not complete such a task.

Nick Carter began his career as our newest deputy sheriff this week. Nick recently retired from the U.S. Navy after 20 years of service.

And finally, it was quite impressive watching the Lantern Fest last night from Fernley’s raceway. With an estimated 7,000 people in attendance, it was a family fun event. They repeat it again tonight. There were some event coordination failures because of not following county code requirements, but the LCSO and NHP were able to step in and move approximately 3,000 vehicles out of Fernley fairly quickly. The event organizers understand what they need to do for their scheduled October Lantern Festival.

As always, keep the faith.