Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of December 3, 2017

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of December 3rd

Community Friends,

Many of us remember a time that we would feign sickness to miss a day of school. Our caring mothers would not question our afflictions and would not want other children to become sick because of us.  Today there seems to be a new method for staying home from school. On Friday, rumors of two school shootings were out of control on social media sites that affected both the Fernley and Yerington High Schools. In excess of a combined, reported 600 students stayed home and some extracurricular school events were cancelled.

When the LCSO is made aware of any threat against any school, it becomes one of our highest priority investigations. It is not put in a “call pending box.” We immediately put available resources on the investigation. Our SROs are integrally involved with “chasing down” who said what to who. In almost every case, we locate the originating source of the rumor. Generally, what is being said on social media sites is not an accurate reflection of what the investigation discovers.

It is not rumors that concern us most, but rather any act of committed violence that we didn’t know about. Our children are important and why the LCSO put three SRO deputies into our school system this year.

This week a student brought a gun into the Silverland Middle School. School staff and students did a great job as our Fernley SRO was at the school almost immediately after getting the call. In the end, there never was any real student or school staff threat. This child made a foolish mistake and will be paying for that poor decision. While many may criticize the family, they are very caring and involved in his life. In today’s world, there are no second chances for bringing a gun or weapon onto school property and why parents need to emphasize this with their children.

Fernley city staff and LCSO leadership met with a contracted company who is preparing a Burning Man Economic Impact Statement as the organization seeks to renew their BLM contract and increase the event size to just under 100,000 participants. While there is positive economic input for local Fernley businesses, the contractor was surprised to learn that an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 people move through Fernley to participate in Burning Man. This large volume does impact traffic conditions and sanitation capabilities. While nothing was solved in the meeting, we were able to voice concerns in the permitting process.

And finally, two great Christmas Parades were held in Yerington and Fernley yesterday. These events embody the values of small town America, and why I am so very blessed to be living in Lyon County.

As always, keep the faith.