Lyon County Sheriff’s Report – Week of December 31, 2018

McNeil 3

Sheriff’s Message, Week of December 31st

Community Friends,

New Year’s Eve was fairly uneventful; that was until the clock struck midnight. Fireworks across Dayton Valley lit up the night as estimates from 15-20 different locations were seen in the air. The patrol vehicle’s mobile data terminal call screen showed firework calls backed up throughout the entire county. Like every 4th of July celebration, firework call for services overload our capabilities and responses.

Fireworks are dangerous, and we don’t want to minimize safety concerns; however, it needs to be put in perspective. Illegally igniting fireworks and speeding in a car are both a misdemeanor crimes that carry similar penalties. However, if that firework causes a fire, then it can become 3rd degree arson, a felony.

Law enforcement works in a world after a crime has been committed. We do not have enforcement authority to intervene because it “might” happen. Education is the best safety practice. And although we are involved with education, the primary responsibility rests with parents, family, and friends to reinforce safety rules before someone gets hurt or another person’s property get damaged.

This week we were involved with several individuals who doesn’t believe in the rule of law. Nevada law allows individuals to open carry a gun in many county and city publically owned buildings; however, it doesn’t allow the individual to brandish that gun to a government employee during a dispute. Remember, there is a difference between public buildings and private buildings (i.e. casinos). This law does not apply to privately owned buildings who can establish their own rules.

We also became involved with a “sovereign citizen” who doesn’t believe in state laws mandating vehicle registration and insurance. After a short Silver Springs pursuit, she went to jail and her truck was impounded. For those who are unfamiliar with this group, it is a political movement that believes our current governmental system is illegitimate and files bogus lawsuits in their own self-proclaimed court.

Then there was the individual who decided to remove a nine month old baby from Montana child protective services without authority and came to Lyon County. Within a matter of hours after being notified, we had arrested him and safely placed the baby into Nevada DCFS custody. The baby has been transferred back to Montana.

Unfortunately, one of our newest deputies resigned for a private sector job. Not quite sure of the reasoning; however, our leadership team believed she would have been a future rising star for the agency. A career in public safety is not for everyone. Shift work is extremely hard on their families and causes many health problems after retirement.

And finally, dispatch testing was held yesterday to begin the process of filling two vacant positions and we are in the background phase to fill two vacant deputy positions with a pool of good quality candidates.

 It was a weird week to start out 2018, but we will always keep the faith.