Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of May 13, 2018

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of May 13th

Community Friends,

It was quite interesting as I listened to one of the jurors in the Dustin Cooper murder trial. It seemed many jurors were offended as Cooper’s paid defense lawyer attacked our detectives and deputies on the witness stand. It seems when facts are clearly presented, the modus operandi is to attack a person’s character. We were blessed by a jury that made their decision based on facts and not by emotion.

There were numerous firearms seized as possible evidence in this case. Some have already been released to owners and our District Attorney authorized more releases this week. If we still have your firearm as evidence, contact our evidence technician to see if it has been authorized for release.

Our two domestic violence working groups meet again this week as we strengthen relationships through best practices aimed at reducing domestic violence. The two groups are the City of Fernley Domestic Violence Task Force headed by the city attorney and the Attorney General’s Tri-County Domestic Violence Task Force. The latter is grant funded and is providing two attorneys to help with prosecutions, while the city effort is a grass root effort.

The four 17-year old defendants were moved out of the Carson City and Washoe County jails this week after their Dayton Justice Court arraignments. All four are now being housed in our jail. It was reported that their world was a bit upended as each one was placed in separate adult male housing units. They now spend 23 hours a day looking through their cell door glass window. Each day, they are allowed out of their individual cell for one hour to make telephone calls and walk around the day room, while all the adult males in the housing unit are locked down in their cells. The fifth kid, Ortiz is still at large, but it is just a matter of time.

While we always desire rain, lightning appeared to have struck our Como repeater on Rawe Peak above Dayton. Equipment protection devices were reported to have worked in minimizing equipment damage; however we were forced to use alternative communication means for dispatching fire, ambulance, and law in areas serviced by this repeater. Our IT Department and contracted vendor worked fast to get us back up and operating.

Deputies Galvin and Spencer graduated the State POST academy after 17 weeks of training. Many of our old-timers can’t remember a time when every authorized patrol deputy position was filled. Even our vehicle fleet staff have never seen so many assigned patrol vehicle out on the streets. A lot of hard work was put in by our recruitment team, training officers, and supervisors during the past three years to make this accomplishment happen.

And finally, there will be no weekly message next week due to the Memorial Day weekend, as everyone celebrates the welcoming of summer. The lakes are full and many will be camping. Please be safe, enjoy the weekend, and remember the day is to commemorate our veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

As always, keep the faith!