Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of May 6, 2018

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of May 6th

Community Friends,

There are times when an idea forms during social gatherings among friends, especially after a provoking question. Back in March while reading an event brochure, it stated that any individual who cannot pass a firearm background check will not get the awarded gun nor will they get any refund. Which led to the question, why isn’t the Sheriff’s Office being notified of a denied transaction of a firearm?

This may be a felony crime for the attempted possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. In April, we reached out to the BATFE for a list of all current federal firearm license (FFL) dealers in Lyon County. Each FFL was mailed a letter requesting their help and to be a part of the solution. The request was simple. Whenever a state background check denies any firearm transaction, provide us with any documentation on the person’s identifiers and the LCSO will do the rest.

We launched our denied firearm transaction initiative this month and began accepting denials from FFLs for the past year. So far, we have received a total of seven denied transactions. Each denial will be assigned to a detective to determine the reason for the denial. If the reason for the denial appears to be a felony crime, the assigned detective will conduct follow up investigation and take appropriate action, such as requesting an arrest warrant or seeking search warrant for more illegally possessed firearms. The message is simple, don’t try to buy a gun in Lyon County if you are a prohibited person.

As many of you know, Dustin Cooper was found guilty of 1st degree murder after a two week trial. This investigation was probably the most complex murder investigation the LCSO has ever undertaken in its history. Our detectives, along with their state and federal partners, deserve a lot of credit in putting together such a case for our DA’s Office that ultimately served justice for Johnie.

And while Cooper’s trial was occurring in District Court, Scott Baskette’s preliminary trail for the triple homicide of Frank & Coral Evans, and Rebecca Driver was held. Baskette was bound-over into District Court. Now add in the Dayton marijuana drug deal gone bad and murder……………

Within three days of the initial shooting, this case was solved with the arrest of four 17-year old boys and an arrest warrant for fifth 16-year old. This was possible because of the regional relationships our Major Crime & SIU detectives have made. However, it must be noted that community input was a significant factor in helping us solved this crime. It was citizens who were not afraid to come forward and help us. As of now, all five boys are being charged with open murder, and all five will be going into the adult criminal justice system unless the DA decides differently.  Once specific out of county court actions have taken place, the two currently housed in the Carson City jail and the other two in the Washoe County jail will be transferred to the Lyon County jail.

It is truly inspirational to see the men and women who make up the LCSO in action under stress. They rise to the call of duty and shine, as this week’s events clearly show. And finally, to all the mothers who gave us these real heroes, thank you.

As always, keep the faith!