Lyon County Sheriff’s report – Week of November 5, 2017

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of November 5th

Community Friends,

During the past several years, behavioral health has been a national topic. Law enforcement is interlocked with this area of medicine as we attempt to develop strategies aimed at lowering crime rates. Our federally grant funded MOST program is one that is making a difference; however, it has been difficult to find a dedicated healthcare professional to complete the team in order to increase its weekly hours.

Several months ago, the State of Nevada awarded Lyon County $90,000 to hire a healthcare professional. Many would think this is great, however, we haven’t found an applicant. We have reached out to regional hospitals and treatment centers, but haven’t received any commitment. It is frustrating to have the ability to fund the position while seeing such a critical shortage of certified behavioral health workers in Northern Nevada. Parents and educators might want to stress the need for healthcare professionals for those graduating high school in future years.

Volunteerism is an area that many organizations rely upon, including the LCSO. Approximately a year and a half ago, a group of volunteers formed the Lyon Sheriff Advisory Council (LSAC) to raise money through business donations for LCSO equipment. LSAC was instrumental in helping us purchase necessary K-9 equipment for our two dogs, Karma and Borys.

Sadly, they could not keep the necessary board members pursuant to their bylaws and made the heart-breaking decision to dissolve LSAC. As they dissolve, they are closing accounts by establishing a K-9 maintenance account by granting the Lyon County $5,099 for the K-9 program and granting an additional $10,900 to purchase as many patrol rifles as possible. We want to thank the efforts of its current and past members: Tom Vanda Linda, Jerry Culwell, Sharon Serenko, Monty Stark, William Shattuck, and Dave Cosner. Each of you made a difference for the deputies and citizens of Lyon County.

Although Veteran’s Day was yesterday, it is always important to remember our veterans. The LCSO is extremely veteran friendly in its hiring practices. 27 of our 112 employees are veterans.

NewsDesk November 13, 2017 - McNeil photoAnd finally this week, we graduated two of our deputies from the Cat III Academy. During badge pinning, I stood next to Air Force retiree Carson City Sheriff Furlong. While pinning on former Marine Corp corporal and now Deputy Justin Ryan’s badge, I gave him permission tell Furlong his thoughts on the Air Force. The same was done for retired Army sergeant first class and now Deputy Ted Zeigenfuss, especially as Furlong was attempting to recruit him into the CCSO ranks. Ted smartly replied “I’ll give you a call if I need a ride.” If you are wondering what the Marine said, some things are better left unsaid. Yes, we are very veteran friendly.

As always, keep the faith.