Lyon County Sheriff’s Report – Week of October 8, 2017

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Sheriff’s Message, Week of October 8th  

Community Friends,

Our society is overwhelmingly plagued with hatred and violence towards each other. It’s on our roads, in our homes, and on all forms of media. There is a quote from an inspirational speaker that is thought provoking, “At the end of life, our questions are very simple: Did I live fully? Did I love well?”

The horrific murders of Silver Spring’s residents Rebecca Driver and her parents, Frank and Coral Evans occupied most of the week. From the initial stages of the investigation, all evidence pointed to an act of domestic violence. The challenge with this investigation was calming any community fear while moving quickly to get a violent killer into custody. Our fear was that a routine traffic stop would turn into a shooting death of an unsuspecting police officer.

Our four major crimes detectives, several patrol deputies serving as deputy coroners, six to eight Nevada Division of Investigation (NDI) detectives, and a team of crime scene technicians from the Washoe County were all tirelessly working on this case. NDI detectives went into California as we believed our suspect fled there. We were “tight lipped” because we did not want to spoke our suspect, but rather take him into custody without a major incident. In the end, with the assistance of California’s Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, he was taken into custody after a short pursuit.

Rebecca leaves behind two adult and two minor children who are now with their biological father. The children are the real victims. They have to grow old without their mother and grandparent’s love, support, and guidance.

In July, the false alarm reduction program for unincorporated Lyon County was implemented. If a deputy arrives on scene and it is determined that the alarm was false, a bill will be sent to the alarm address by our contracted vendor. Alarm companies call our Communication Center for a deputy response, and if they cancel that request before we arrive, there is no false alarm fee. Alarm calls due to criminal activity are not billed.

False alarm bills were inadvertently sent to Fernley residents. The City of Fernley has not finalized their contract and those false alarm bills were cancelled. Once the contract has been signed, requested deputy responses to alarm calls in Fernley will be treated like the rest of Lyon County. The bottom line is we need alarm owners and alarm companies to become more responsible to reduce the number of false alarms they are asking us to respond to.

A deputy sheriff job announcement has been posted on Lyon County’s employment link. The announcement closes on October 30th. We have expired our hiring list and currently have one open position. If we get any position increases in the next fiscal year that begins in July 2018, this list will be used to fill those openings. If you know of someone who wants to work for us in the upcoming year, they need to apply to get on the hiring list.

And finally, I pulled into a convenience store parking lot the other day after doing some farm tractor work. There stood two individuals drinking a Corona beer by their vehicle. I think they recognized me as they both attempted to hide their beer bottles. I made a comment as I walked by, saying “Probably not a wise choice.” They were gone when I came out of the store. I love living in Lyon County.

As always, keep the faith.