Submitted opinion in support of Gary Schmidt

Submitted by Roger M. Edwards

I have known Gary Schmidt for over 8 years. I worked closely with Gary during the 2016 Presidential election when I was Washoe County Republican Party Chairman. I have always found Gary to be willing to stand up for the ethical and procedurally correct operation of a local or governmental agency. When I was a Washoe County Planning Commissioner, Gary filed two complaints against us for failing to follow our own County procedures. He was single handedly responsible for the current procedures followed at the Planning Commission, the County Commission and the Regional Planning Commission meetings. His efforts resulted in these groups listening to public comment more than ever before.

He also brought an action against his own Republican Party for providing contact lists to only a select few of it’s members who were running for internal offices. A discriminatory practice I put an end to as soon as I took office.

I have also witnessed Gary stepping up and providing and financing campaign signs for President Trump in 2016, when the State Party did little to nothing to provide that very necessary material. He was also instrumental in getting those signs delivered to several rural counties in the North of the State.
In my 45+ years in Northern Nevada I have met only a few folks that truly symbolize the attitude of rugged independence that is the hallmark of Nevadans. Gary is in that group.