Title 15 review process set – no advisory committee

There will be no ‘advisory committee’ to assist with the review and amending of Lyon County Code Title 15.

County Manager Jeff Page asked the item be removed from the July 3, 2014 agenda.

Asked by NewsDesk to explain his decision, Page said, “I asked that it be removed so that we could address the issue from a more broad approach” when discussing the next item on the agenda regarding the process to be followed in reviewing Title 15.

He noted, “Based upon the public comments over the days prior to the meeting, it was the best approach.  The end result is a public process to address the draft code.  I initiated the Advisory Board concept; therefore, it was in the best interest that I end it.  Yes, Commissioner Hastings was the Board member that introduced it, but that was after I made the suggestion.”

Following approximately 1-1/2 hours of discussion on the process to be followed, with considerable public comment noting concerns with the current draft, the Board of Commissioners then determined the public hearing process.

The following motion by Commissioner Hastings was unanimously approved:

“I move that the Board of County Commissioners will add a time specific agenda item, no later than 1:30 time specific to all regularly scheduled commission meetings starting August 21, 2014.  These meetings will be for the purpose of reviewing and updating the draft Land Use Development codes and associated issues concerning the Lyon County Master Plan.  Specific chapters will be agendized for review for each meeting.  Agendized items not completed may be carried over to the following meeting.  All costs incurred above normal operating costs, such as employee overtime, will be paid for from the Lyon County contingency fund.”

A motion was then approved to direct staff to schedule a joint workshop with the Planning Commission at the August 12, 2014 Planning Commission meeting – as part of or at the end of the meeting.  It will be time specific.

The Planning Commission has been reviewing Title 15 for the past several months.  The scheduled discussions have been regularly posted on their agenda and public comment taken.

Planning Commission Chair Chuck Davies said the board has reviewed about 80-percent of the document.  They will continue to do review it until they have a completed a draft document.  The County Commissioners will be reviewing what the Planning Commission submits to them as a draft document.