Wild Horse Advocate To Offer Gold Hill Presentation – Thursday, June 16

Wild Horse

Wild Horse Advocate To Offer Gold Hill Presentation

(Virginia City) –   Bonnie Matton, president and founder of the Wild Horse Preservation League in Dayton, will offer a presentation on the special needs and issues involving the wild horses who roam the Virginia/Flowery ranges at the Gold Hill Hotel Thursday Night Presentations on Thursday, June 16.
“I am very lucky that my husband and I get to see the wild horses often as we live below the Virginia Range where many of the horses roam,” she said.

Matton said that because of the growth of the number of horse herds, the Nevada Department of Agriculture decided there were too many wild horses on the range, and planned to take huge numbers of them off the range.

After Gov. Brian Sandoval approved a new darting program the WHPL  purchased a $2,400 dart gun and darts, to dart the wild horse mares with PZP, a birth control drug, to keep the mares from foaling for two years by darting many wild horse mares with PZP. This keeps the mares from foaling for two years.  It is an ongoing program, and a very successful one.

“This darting program is doing wonderful things to safe our wild horses, keeping them out on the open range where they belong,” she said.

Find out about the birth control program and other wild-horse issues from Matton, who has been an advocate for 15 years.

Dinner is from 4-8 p.m.; the presentation begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Great Room of the Gold Hill Hotel.

The Gold Hill Hotel, the oldest hotel in Nevada, and its renowned Crown Point Restaurant, are located at 1540 Main Street, Gold Hill, just one mile south of Virginia City on SR 342.

For dinner reservations, call the Gold Hill Hotel at 775-847-0111.